Sense of Place: Forest Walk

  • Place is experiential. Experiences a person has on the land give it meaning.
  • Place is local. While there are commonalities, each First Nation has a unique, local understanding of Place. Stories are connected to Place.
  • Forest Walk with Mr. Cowie.  Try to use all of your senses. You will be completing a learning journal for this experience.

Class Guidelines for Respectful Communication

  • Acknowledgement: Jessi
  • silent reading (retest for terms quiz)
  • Group brainstorm: Class Guidelines for Respectful Communication.  Compare and contrast how the two bolded terms below differ.
  • 1.  “Everyone in this classroom has the right to….” list examples (to be heard, to pass, to be treated with respect)
  • 2. “Everyone in this classroom has the responsibility….” list examples (to listen respectfully to others, to be patient, not interrupt others, what is your responsibility to the class, to the others?)
  • Time to finish “Indian Education” response questions-due Monday



Finding Theme

  • silent reading
  • Get in your group from Friday-then split, groups should be about 2-3 people.  Read the book together.
  • Step 1: Find the theme as a group using the “finding and writing thematic statements” work sheet. Everybody save a copy. 

The Friday Everything Changed

  • silent reading
  • SWAY & descriptive paragraph due #allaboutme a or d
  • review new vocab, Read-“The Friday Everything Changed”
  • short story summary for “Friday”