Lit Circle Section 7

  • Most groups will be reading Section 7 today and doing their role for Friday’s discussion.
  • If you are done your work and are waiting for the group, time to work on Flip book-due Monday
  • #fliplit is the tag to use for Monday

Discussion #6 & Spoken Word finals

A block: Discussion #6.  Make a plan for the next discussion, likely Monday.  Please hand in lit circle notes #1-5

C & D Block: Spoken Word finals in the café.  You must come to classroom at the beginning of C and D block for attendance.  You will go down with Mr. Barazzuol.  Do not leave the café, go to the bathroom before.

Lit Circle Section #6

  • Your group should either be finishing up the reading/work for Section 6, or having discussion #6
  • Check in with group, make a plan, share it with me.
  • Congrats to all our spoken word participants!

Spoken Word & Lit circle

  • Check in with group, Lit Circle notes #1-5 & reflection due
  • Finish reading Section 6, plan for discussion #6 tomorrow, or Thurs
  • Blocks C & D in Café for Spoken Word

Lit Circles Core Competencies

  • Hand in notes #1-5 with reflection
  • Discussion 5 or begin reading Section 6: plan for Wednesday for Discussion 6
  • Core Competencies activity: In your lit circle groups, evaluate what the cc you were given means to you, define, and then apply it to the protagonist in the novel you are ready. Use textual examples