Spoken Word: Sincerely…Fate


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Group spoken word 2019 with Brooke Conley, Elisabeth Pollock and Sophia Pollock


Dear future generations,

Are you there? If not, we understand.  We turned this earth bland.
Black as night, dark as the faces that haunt our dreams, the murkiest depths of the sea

Forgive us, please.

Like every generation before, we chose to ignore, keeping our eyes shut to reality, we let ourselves be blindfolded. flawed to our core

Afraid of the future we thought wouldn’t come, thinking only of the present, the warnings of the past distant memories, We indulged our every wish, relishing in our seeming bliss

The warnings, now from the present, not the past, passed off as conspiracies, hoaxes.
Because, why would the experts know best? Scoff) I’m smarter than them
No need to feel stressed

We’re sorry if you’re all gone, the dawn rising on a world with no life
We spent our lives living, learning not truly worrying about what was to come

We had our first kisses, our first loves, our first times*loud cough*… driving a car and then boom, we crashed into reality. Tires screeched as we came rushing to a stop.

Forgive us, please.

Commercials of protecting our planet like a drug to the brain, they drove us insane,
it’s just one straw
said 8 billion people.
SAVE THE TURTLES! Tomorrow, another day, some other time.

We see these stories, but that’s all they are
They aren’t our reality, our worries
Islands of trash made larger than states, that’s not us, (pause) is it?
That doesn’t concern us, (pause) does it?

We cling to whatever is “trendy” to save but never see the bigger picture, only participating to be able to share when it should be, because we really care.
We share on Instagram and think we’ve done our part but that’s only a start
We’re focused on what we want, but not on what we need. Need to know, to do
Our laziness, our indifference, these will be our downfall, and then yours too

Forgive us, please

The people we elected to protect us are more focused on getting re-elected than making changes, where will we draw the line? All our problems are our own creations, the foundations of our downfall. Yellow raincoats stick to our skin like paste, red rubber boots flop as we walk. Rain pours onto us trying so hard to carry us away but we resisted the pull of death. But Soon we got trapped and pulled under a wave. Never to surface again. Air. You only notice it when it’s gone. Lungs scream, clenching tight trying to hold onto something that is no longer there.  

Forgive us, please, for we are the reason you no longer feel a cool breeze but instead are forced to pant and wheeze while gasping, grasping for breath until…


But wait, let’s go back, new draft, start from scratch

Dear future generations,

Your world can be great. We should know, we’re building it up from what it was, we are making changes. We learned from the past and used the blueprints left behind from generations before to create something new, the core.

This core we have created like an empire strong enough to last, ready to survive even the toughest blast. Like a hot air balloon rising into the sky, our hopes and dreams reached the top. There were times when we came crashing down but every time a hole was ripped in the fabric of our dream, we sewed it back up with different colored patches that gave our world the strength to thrive. Striving for greatness, we will “Make this world great again”.

Our dreams becoming a reality as we all lend a hand. Our minds long-living trees. Green branches stretching out to every corner of the earth and a strong base holding the tree down. Wise like the willow protecting the children who play. We will never forget our roots, nestled firmly in the ground.  Not a single storm can shake this old tree. That is the world we leave for you.

Every day you have a choice to make. To continue building an empire strong enough to last. Not an empire of metal and hate but of prosperity and love. Love is the only way to live. Come together and make a mountain that we can all climb. Step by step and rock by rock. We can make it to the top. Let’s erase hate.

Sincerely, Fate