Unit 2 Role Play-PE 9

Here is the script for our substance abuse roleplay in PE9


You and your friends want to lose weight for a school dance. Your friends decide to start smoking and they are really pressuring you to start as well. They have been smoking for two weeks, and have already lost 5 pounds each. They always say “Just try it… It’s not like a hard drug or anything.”


Scene 1:

(opens on Ava talking to Ari and Erik)

Ari: Oh my god! The dance is a month away, and I need to fit into my dress! What am I going to do?!

Ava: I KNOW. School dances are so stressful!

Erik: Yes I totally understand your struggles (sarcastically). How about we start smoking. I heard that you can lose crazy amounts of weight in short amounts of time so you guys will like that plus it looks super cool.

Ari: That’s such a great idea!

Ava: I’m not sure about that. Isn’t it really bad for you?

Erik: That’s just what they want you to think.

Ava: I’ve got to go now maybe we’ll talk about this later.

( everyone freezes and Ari says Two weeks later, then we unfreeze )

Ari: Ava! I can’t believe that you haven’t started smoking with us yet. Sure, at the beginning, it’s kind of gross but look I lost like five pounds!

Erik: Even though we’re always coughing now it’s actually fun too. It’s something we can do together. It totally relieves stress, plus it’s not like it’s a serious drug or anything.

Ava: I’m not sure I really want to, how about we do something else that we all like to do?

Ari: Aw Ava, your such a baby. come on just try it.

Erik: It’s so satisfying.

Ava: You know guys, I’ve looked into it and smoking is really bad for your health and can cause serious health issues later on in life. Ari, we can go to the gym together instead, and Erik there are lots of other things we can do together for fun. I’d rather you didn’t smoke, but if you really need to, you guys can keep on doing it without me.

Erik: Wow, ok I didn’t realize you felt so strongly about it.

Ari: Ya. If you want we can do something else, I just wanted to do it because it’s an easy and fast solution to our problem, I guess I just never really thought about the problems that came with it. If you want to find another way and I’d be ok with that.

Ava: thanks guys this means a lot.

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