Math 10 Week 7 Updated

How to solve for sin, cos and tan on a right triangle:

SOHCAHTOA is helpful to memorise the equations for sin, cos and tan.

SOH is sin= opposite/hypotenuse

CAH is cos= adjasent/hypotenuse

TOA is tan= opposite/adjasent

the hypotenuse is found diagonal from the 90 degrees point, the adjacent side is found next to the angle point, and the opposite side is found across from the angle.

here are some examples of how to solve missing parts of a triangle:

Math 10 Week5

This week in math I have learned how to convert different measurements in the Imperial System: Example: 0.04mm to meters.

using this scale, every line up you divide by 10 and every line down you multiply by 10.





So on the scale you go up 3 steps, from mm to meters, dividing by 10 each step. so in total. so you would divide 0.04 by 1000, which would equal 0.00004, or 4 x 10 to the -5



Math 10 Week #1

This week in math I’ve learned how to use a division table. I really struggled using a tree diagram for big numbers to find the prime factors, so instead I tried using a division table. I did not really know how to use one, but with clarification and a lot more practice it makes much more sense.