It can Change in Canada

Pressure groups/lobbyists:

Pressure groups/lobbyists are people who share their common interests. There goal is to accomplish limited aims and they usually break up after there goal has been reached. An example is the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition, who wanted to protect kermode (spirit) bears and there habitat. they created the international youth-led environmental coalition. the BC government announced plans to protect two thirds of the kermode bear habitat. a downside is that a group of people could agree, but other people could not agree. lobbyists acuire hired by institutions and groups to deal with lawmakers



petitions can be very effective. The government will listen to the people and there concerns, and will respond to all petitions they find worthy. It is a policy of most Canadian government departments to respond to all letters. The petitions can give positive results because if one person wrights one, there could be others who share the same view. a downside is that the government can turn them down if they don’t seem of importance.

civil disobedience

Civil disobedience is a active professed refusal of citizens to obey certain laws/demands. An example is the incident with Michael Brown. Some of the benefits of civil disobedience, are that it’s a way to protest without breaking that law, and that it can draw attention to the issue. The downsides is that it can result in jail time and it doesn’t always create change.

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