Math 10 Week 16

this week in math I have learned how to convert slope intercept forum(y=mx+b) to  general forum (Ax+By+C=0).


(3,-7) and (-5,9)

first, you find the slope, y1-y2/x1-x2.

> m= -7-9/3-(-5)

> m= -16/8

-16/8 can be reduced to -2 by dividing both sides ny 8.

now, so far we have y=-2x+b. to find b, we will need to put in x and y values from one of the points:

> (-7)= -2(3) + b

> -7= -6 + b.  next we move everything but b to the other side of the equation. So we will have to add 6 to both sides

>6 – 7=b, -1 = b. Now that we have found b, we can put it back into y= -2x -1. We now need to move -2x and -1 to the other side, so we will need to add 2x and 1 to each side

this will result in 2x + y+ 1=0

that is how you convert slope intercept forum into general forum


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