“The Dolls House”

The Dolls house,

by Katherine Mansfield

Which Essential Question(s) is addressed in this piece of literature?


Why are the poor treated so badly and looked down to?


How can one help eliminate class conflict


  1. What happens in the text/movie/Talk?

2.What is the main message/theme

All the rich chirldren and middle class children are not alowed to even lookat the poor kids and make fun of them. Despight the poor children having no rights, they still get discrminated and nobody says that it is wrong.










How does the text answer the EQ?

Answer in full sentences. Record relevant quotes and page numbers/lines if needed.

In the book “The Dolls House” written by Katherine Mansfield,there is a lot of class discrimination between children at a school. The book starts when the rich kids get a doll house that is perfect in every way, and tell all the girls at school, but it reeks of nasty paint, which I think symbolises that the rich seem perfect on the outside, but are ill and corrupt on the inside. I think that this short story reconizes, that the class discrimination is driving the poor lower classed kids into the ground since there being treated like dirt. later on one of the the rich kids decide to sneaks the poor into the yard to see  the doll house, which I think symbolises rebelion.

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