Controlled Flame Experiment

Controlled Flame Experement

We did an experiment where there was a flame in a beaker. We covered  the beaker with different materials to see if different materials would take different time to extinguish the flame.

Our question was if different materials would affect the time it would take to put out a candle by covering the material over the candle.

Our hypothesis was that all the objects would have different times.

We found out that the different materials did have different outputs. So our hypotheses was correct.

Here are the results:

Paper= 1 minutes and 32 out of two minuets

Paper with holes= 2 minutes out of two minutes

Card board= 37 seconds out of two minutes

Glass object= 45 seconds out of two minuets

If I was to change the experiment again, I would change the size of the beaker that we put the candle in, and the size of the candle or maybe even put in multiple candles

candle in a beaker

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