Matter Matters

Matter Matters

By Alex and Erik

  • Define the problem in your own words. Concider the following:
  1. Why these concepts might be hard to understand: these concepts might be hard to understand? because we have not learned this yet, and we might not understand the vocab

-How all these ideas fit under the heading of matter:


Because matter is everything and everywere.

2. How would one makes something engaging?

By making it user friendly and fun, like for example bill nye the science guy.

3) Dream possibilities of how to share/teach this information in an engaging way. List all the possibilities you brainstorm no matter how far fetcher they are on you blog.

Teaching information technology

  1. put sites to other sites
  2. link sites to gaming sites that have things to study from

(or have a school site name to fool the teachers)


III.     do some hands on work

  1. have links to videos to study from
  2. make a video on what you learned that so other classes can learn what u learned
  3. do projects for further generations



VII.     watch educational TV shows

4)Debrief the process asking questions such as: How did the process of completing this challenge go? What did you do well? What could you have done better?

-How did the process of completing this challenge go?

It was difficult since there was a bunch of words that we did not know and that reading it was really confusing.

-What did you do well on?

I think that we did good on the mind map since it looks pretty and displays the possibility’s of making it engaging.

-What could you have done better?

I think we could have done better answering the questions since we did not know what half the words meant.






Controlled Flame Experiment

Controlled Flame Experement

We did an experiment where there was a flame in a beaker. We covered  the beaker with different materials to see if different materials would take different time to extinguish the flame.

Our question was if different materials would affect the time it would take to put out a candle by covering the material over the candle.

Our hypothesis was that all the objects would have different times.

We found out that the different materials did have different outputs. So our hypotheses was correct.

Here are the results:

Paper= 1 minutes and 32 out of two minuets

Paper with holes= 2 minutes out of two minutes

Card board= 37 seconds out of two minutes

Glass object= 45 seconds out of two minuets

If I was to change the experiment again, I would change the size of the beaker that we put the candle in, and the size of the candle or maybe even put in multiple candles

candle in a beaker