“Animal Farm” Propagand Poster

we-need-you poster

Erik Borge

October 30th, 2015

Mr. Barazzuol

Block 5


Propaganda Poster Project


To create a rebellion against man, the four propaganda techniques used in the Animal Farm poster were: fear, repetition, bandwagon and name calling.

The first propaganda technique used was fear. A mean looking picture of Mr. Jones holding a whip and a bottle of beer inside a red no symbol was drawn to create fear. The reader may assume this man is a drunk or even an alcoholic. The whip held by Mr. Jones may suggest cruelty toward animals. A picture of a frightened pig helps sends a message that animals are helpless.

The second propaganda technique used in this poster was repetition. The words, “Four legs good, two legs bad” were repeated behind the picture of Mr. Jones to emphasize the message of how man with two legs is bad and animals with four legs are good. This message was repeated for visual effect and to convince the reader that man was the enemy.

The third propaganda technique used in this poster was bandwagon. “We need you to help overthrow mankind and other psychotic people like Jones! JOIN THE REBELION TODAY, THE ANIMAL FARM.” This bandwagon statement summarized the cause of the animal movement against man and helps convince readers they need to join the rebellion against Mr. Jones and man.

The fourth propaganda technique used in this poster was name calling; to help create a movement of hatred toward “other psychotic people like Jones.”

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