When I first attempted my self portrait I used a circle for my face but later realized that it wasn’t realistic enough for what I wanted. I decided to completely restart my portrait and this time I used multiple lines for my face so I created folders to be more organized. To make my self portrait this time I decided to take a picture of myself so I could base my self portrait off of a real life picture. Once I took this picture I was able to make my portrait more realistic one body part at a time. To create my face I used many new equations like trigonometry and circles. I also started to use domain and range to cut off parts of the shapes that I didn’t want. For the rest of my face I also experimented and used square roots, lines, and other equations. My challenge with this project was with putting all my face features in the correct place. To do this I had to experiment with using different numbers in my equations to figure out which parts of the equations changed the position of the relations and functions. During this project I learned a lot about relations and functions and by the end I was able to picture the lines created from the equation.

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