Statistics in Our Society

I think statistics are used to manipulate people in our society to think certain ways. This could be to make people buy their products, or vote for them in an election. Many statistics are written in a way that makes the side they want to be the option sound better, so that the people think they are making their own decision but are really being manipulated without noticing. Statistics are also used in other ways that are very useful like what the weather forecast is and how much traffic is in different locations.


After The Article

I learned when statistics are used correctly it makes things much more easier to understand. Statistics also change what you think about things because in some situations you only hear the bad tings not the good things so it will make you think more bad things happen then good things until you see the statistics. Another thing I learned from this article is that statistics can be made up and make you think things that aren’t true also. Also, statistics could be made to be true but sometimes the people who find the facts, find them in a wrong place, or ask questions at a wrong time. This could change people’s answer. For example, if someone asked someone what their favourite sport to watch is during the NBA finals or ask during the Olympics their answer might change. Another thing that happens is that the questions are unfair. another thing that happens is statistics use percentages to make the statistics seem more extreme. When this happens with statistics I learned to judge it myself and use my own judgement to decide if it is real or fake.


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