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Solution Fluency

Define – The challenge we investigated had to do with pop cans. Our goal was to find out what pop cans are made of and how they relate to chemistry. We researched what elements pop cans are made of and what the effects of the elements extraction is and its effects on the environment.

Discover – We researched questions about the element pop cans are made of, aluminium. We found how it affects the environment and how it should be disposed of.

Deliver – We created a PowerPoint presentation to show what we learned during our project. We used words, pictures, and videos to explain our topic.

Debrief – The process we went through while creating this project was very good. we had a bit of trouble getting a couple things done but we ended up finishing our project by the due date. We learned that recycling aluminium pop cans is the best way to dispose of them. I think that our post is well organized but we could add a couple more pictures and a bit less writing to make the project look a bit more professional.

How Do Pop Cans Link To Chemistry
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One thought on “How Do Pop Cans Link To Chemistry

  • January 15, 2019 at 9:18 pm

    Your chemistry inquiry was very well done. Your presentation answered every question I was wondering regarding aluminum. It looks like your last slide wasn’t completed, however. Could you check on that?


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