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Recently, The Tatooie Times visited this mysterious blue and green planet known as Earth. On this planet there are large structures for learning called “Riverside Secondary School.” In this structure there are hundreds of humans, who look to be right between the age of a youngling and adult. On Earth they are addressed to as Teenagers. There is many differences between these teenagers and our middlings on Enoter. Some of these odd differences are how they interact with each-other, what stressors they have in their lives, and what they do for fun. When in this learning environment teenagers seem to be very anti-social and only talking to each other when their teaching leader tell them to. Also, these teenagers always seem to be on these small block like electronic devices which they use to talk to each other, instead of interacting in real life. This is a very strange thing discovered about teenagers. Here is what James Smith said “This is the new and better way of talking”. This was surprising because it seems like more of an anti-social way of talking then social way. While they say these bricks are the new better way of communicating, we also found that they caused these teens stress. These blocks can apparently cause teenagers to get made fun of online, which is a very stressful thing that can happen to teens. Also, these blocks can arrange get together’s known as “parties” on earth. These parties are what these teenagers do for fun, but some things they do at these parties brings up concerns. Some of these things are swallowing a very odd tasting liquid and blowing smelly clouds out of this memory drive looking thing. This liquid is very concerning because it makes these teens act very differently and makes them make decisions they wouldn’t normally make. Another concerning thing at these parties are these cloud creators that teenagers seem to swallow then blow back out. Apparently these two things remove stress but are also very bad for humans and teenagers especially. All these body impacting things happen at a party and teenagers still get stressed about not being summoned to the party. These odd things at parties are apparently a big way from removing stress from teenagers lives. These stress relievers are very concerning and teenagers on earth need to stop this before they become extinct. These devices are also becoming very big around teenagers and this is the most concerning thing for the future of humans. These teenagers are very interesting and the things they go through are very different then middlings on Enoter.

Odd Action of Teenagers on Earth

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  • November 19, 2018 at 1:46 am

    Enzo – great work! I really like your alien’s observations and how you stayed in the ‘voice’ – I like how you discuss phones and vapes…creative!


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