In Port Coquitlam many people must commute to work daily. Lots of these people drive gas powered vehicles and get stuck in traffic for long periods of time. Even if the cars aren’t moving far, sitting in a car with the engine on can create a huge impact on climate change. Commuting has a big impact on climate change, but there are many ways to reduce the toll on the climate.


Driving Electric Cars

Recently a lot of big car brands like Tesla, Nissan, Chevrolet, and many more have started creating electric cars. These cars create less air pollution than gas cars making them better for the environment. Cars with combustion engines also emit a large amount of green house gases and by driving an electric car the amount of green house gases released into the atmosphere will be far less. Also, by driving an electric car the amount of fossil fuels used to create gas will be decreased. When driving in a gas car there is a lot of global warming pollution but, by driving an electric car there will be less global warming pollution. If people who must commute an electric car would help reduce climate change in a big way.


Taking Public Transit

Lots of people decide to drive to work but making a switch to taking public transit would reduce climate change. Taking a bus, sky train, or even creating a group of people to commute together in one car instead of four will help reduce traffic. By reducing traffic, all the effects of sitting idle in a gas car like tail pipe emissions and smog will be smaller. The more people travelling on public transit will help improve person miles per gallon (PMPG) because everyone is in the same vehicle instead of being separate. Even though a bus will use more gas per mile because of the amount of people on the bus it will still be a less effect on climate change than travelling separately. Deciding to take public transit instead of driving separately, is a good choice to decrease climate change.bus, people, public transportation


Start to Bike or Walk

Starting to bike or walk would be a good choice to make to reduce climate change from driving a gas car completely. If someone decides to bike or walk it would completely get rid of the fumes, need for gas, and impact on the climate. If many people start biking and walking it would really help the environment.


All these options of travelling to work would help decrease the impact of a person on climate change on Earth. Commuting has a very big effect on climate change Man Riding Bicycle on City Street but there are many ways people can change its effects. When people decide to drive an electric car, take public transit, and ride a bike to work, they are helping the climate change effects on earth and are a good example of what people should be doing.


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ADL 10

  1. What questions did you need to research in order to research your topic?
  • Does taking public transit reduce the effect on climate change?
  • Do Gas fueled cars impact climate change?
  • Do electric cars have a positive effect on climate change?
  • Does biking or walking help reduce climate change?
  • Does sitting idle in traffic have a negative effect on climate change?
  1. What new or familiar digital tools did you try to use as you worked through this project?

When I worked on this project I tried using new digital tools and I also used digital tools I haven’t used before. During this project I tried using Pexels for pictures and I also tried using citation machine. One of the digital tools I have already used and used again this time is Google.

  1. What was the process you used to investigate the topic?

The first thing I did was come up with smaller questions to use to find the answer to my bigger inquiry style question. Then I used Google, different websites on the topic, Pexels, and Citation Machine to find the answer to my smaller questions. When I was looking to answer my questions, I looked at many different sites to make sure the information I found was right and wasn’t biased. Every time I used a website I also made sure to cite it on my blog. After I finished everything about this project I looked at it to see what I could improve.

  1. How did you verify and cite the information you found?

When I found information, I verified it by checking many sources and when they all said the same thing, I could tell it was trustworthy information that I could use in my blog.

  1. How did the process of completing this challenge go? What could you have done better?

When I was working on this project I didn’t have many problems and it went smoothly. One thing I could of done better during this project was working with Pexels. I had troubles searching for the pictures because I couldn’t get it to load and it took me a while to find the photographer of the picture.




What Can Commuters in Poco do to Reduce Climate Change?
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  • October 29, 2018 at 8:27 pm

    What an amazing inquiry into what Port Coquitlam commuters can do to minimize climate change solutions. I appreciate how you have successfully asked and answered many supporting questions to develop some solutions. I love how you included pictures to get your point across. Considering how basic the solutions you have presented are, why do you think more people aren’t putting them into practice?


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