Social change can happen with the small actions of dedicated individuals. In this picture the girl is dedicated to helping out the elderly man get to his destination. This picture connects to Gandalf’s quote because he talked about kindness and love. This picture shows the young woman being kind to the elderly man. He may be her grandfather or relative so she is showing him love and respect. Nowadays, younger people don’t treat their elders right, sometimes they get ignored or disrespected and this shows a young person is still capable to take care of their elders.  Also, in “The Friday Everything Changed” Ms. Ralston hit a home run showing that girls can do everything a boy can. In this picture this girl is showing kids like us can help out our elders too, not just older more mature parents or adults. If every kid started treating their elders right their would be less unhappy families.

My goal is to add commas to places that need them. This will stop comma-splices.

Small Actions Can Create Big Change
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One thought on “Small Actions Can Create Big Change

  • October 1, 2018 at 2:03 am

    Enzo – while you are right about young people and their elders, it does not really correspond with the theme of FEC or the Gandalf quote.


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