Cremation of Sam Mcgee questions

The Cremation of Sam Mcgee Reading Comprehension Questions: Section 1 – Literal Questions Complete these questions on your own to show your understanding of the elements of the story found in the poem. Please write in full sentences. 1. Where was Sam McGee’s hometown? He was born in his hometown of Tennessee. 2. Why was […]

The veldt post reading questions

“The Veldt” Post-Reading Questions Name: Emma Stoyanova Block: A Please write your answers in complete sentences. 1. How would you describe each of the four main characters? George: George is a wealthy man in maybe his mid 40’s, and the father of two children. He seems to be very absorbed in his work and doesn’t […]

community connection

Hello. My name is Emma Stoyanova, a grade 9 French iMmeRsiOn student that attends Riverside Secondary and I have reached out for an interview with my vocal coach. Maria Legayada is a vocal coach that works at Tri cities school of music (TCSM). She specializes in tons of music genres including  classical, pop and R&B. […]

autobiography in a word

This week in English 9 we worked on learning how to use descriptive words by analyzing photos of different people. This activity lead to Mr. Hopkins giving us our first assignment. We were all challenged to write an autobiography about ourself using one word to focus on and develop our ideas, with supportive arguments, as […]