Hey my name is Emma and i am a grade nine student at Riverside Secondary. I came from Pitt River Middle along with most of the other grade 9’s. I am a singer/songwriter/musician and i take lessons and perform for tri city school of music. Music has been a huge part of my life from early childhood and has stuck by me ever since. Singing in front of a crowd for me is very stressful and triggers my anxiety but every time i get on stage scared, i forget all about it the second i start to do what i love. I am 14 years old and was born on august 19th 2004 in Europe. My other hobby is traveling. I absolutely love it more than anything. Other than singing. I have been to Bulgaria, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the netherlands, Mexico, the United States and more! Anyway welcome to my blog!

Let yourself be happy, if not what’s the point of anything else


Get to know me a little better

Just like most of you I love watching Netflix! My two current favourite shows are the 100 and Grey’s anatomy. I like to go shopping with friends and especially hang out with my two best friends after school. My favorite colour is yellow and i hate red roses, only white ones, its an OCD thing. My favorite foods are poutine, sushi and pizza and i love root beer. My favorite sport to play is basketball but i love watching soccer. I have two younger siblings boy and a girl and i have blue eyes and brown hair. My favorite movie genre is horror and i like photography. I play 3 instruments and love to write stories.


Some of my favorite lyrics

Remember the words you told me, love me till the day i die. Surrender my everything cause you made me beilieve you’re mine. Yeah you used to call me baby now you’re calling me my name. Takes one to know one yeah yeah you beat me and my own damn game.


I’m tired of staying up all night with you on my mind , still I’m staying here. Yeah i’m Staying in the shirt you used to like no i shouldn’t mind. All i think about is you

                                                             -Bea Miller

No life is not a love song, that we like, We’re all broken pieces, floating by. Yeah life is not a love song, but we can try. To fix our broken pieces one at a time



Ocean blue eyes, looking in mine. I feel like i might. Sink and drown and die.


                                                               -Taylor Swift

So hold me close and kiss me now in a fake grand central, hair tied up with a broken pencil.

                                                                                    -Scott Helman



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