Solution Fluency – Detergent Experiment


In Science, Mr. Horton asked us to find out which detergent works the best of four different detergents. We had to test the detergents on a rag with a stain. Each detergent would be tested on the same rag cut into pieces, and the same stain. We also have a control which would be the same rag and stain in water.


First we had to figure out:

Which detergents do we want to test?

All four, to make sure that each one is considered before reaching a final answer. 

What should our stain be?

Something that would be hard to get out but not impossible, soy sauce. 

Do we want to test them in cold or hot water?

Hot water, stains tend to come out better with hot water. 

How long should they soak in the detergent and water?

Long enough that the detergent has time to work, but not too long that they could all get the stain out, around 5 mins. 


When soaking in their beakers, the water mostly looked the same colour, which started to give us a little bit of a hint. We were expecting Woolite to work the best, but in reality, each of the detergents get the job done. When hanging them up to dry at the end of the experiment, still there was no stain to be found. It was interesting to see and guess throughout the experiment, which detergent was working the best.


The experiment went very well, as all of the detergents ended up taking out the stain, including the control, which was just water. Which, for our group proves that all of the detergents effectively work all the same way, and it is not necessary to buy the most expensive one.

For next time, we would probably still test out all four detergents, and in hot water, but we would use a different stain. Soy sauce was a good idea, but we would need to use something that would be harder to get out. Such as mascara, or pen. Over all I think it went really well, and it was a really fun and engaging experiment, I had a great time.

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  1. Thank you for your detergent experiment post. You have explained the experiment but you did not include any media. Images would help give your reader a clear picture of the experiment. Good work, though.

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