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Emma’s Digital Autobiography

This is my autobiography on important events and important people in my life

Workplace Safety

3 Things I Will Do To Be Safe At Work 1. Ask if I’m not sure how to use a machine or equipment 2. Be sure to always wear protective gear 3. Ask others if I need help carrying or… Continue Reading →

French 10 Reflection

Core Competencies Last English Project

Group Inquiry Project


Jamaican Beef Patties Reflection

The reason of reflecting on this lab was since i got to make a recipe with a substitute of a vegetarian option. I was glad it was option to do this. I really did enjoy this lab, there was only… Continue Reading →

Takedown Inquiry Project

Lit Circle Reflection Takedown

Our group has now finished the book Takedown these are our last reflection sheet and role sheet

Takedown- Background Information

Drugs in Canada [594]-1da700m

Life isn’t Perfect Poetry Project

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