3 Things I Will Do To Be Safe At Work

1. Ask if I’m not sure how to use a machine or equipment

2. Be sure to always wear protective gear

3. Ask others if I need help carrying or doing something

2 Things I Will Do To Keep Others Safe At Work

  1. If I see someone struggling with something or don’t know how to do something I will ask if they need help
  2. Remind others to always wear their protective gear
  1. Which story resonates most with you?

Personally Matt story really resonates most to me, since i feel that if i was put in his position i wouldn’t think anything of it, and just do what needs to be done.

  1. Why?

i don’t like to cause problems in my work, so that sometimes could put me at risk or put me in a dangerous place.

  1. What can you learn from their workplace accident?

i can learn always to speak up if you don’t feel like something is safe you are doing, or trust your gut and