Waste plan

Eating out: When I am at a restaurant I tend to waste food when I don’t eat all of the food that I order. To fix this problem I will only order small quantities that I can finish so I don’t need to waste any food or throw it out. If I still can’t finish my food then I will take the rest home and eat it as a meal the next day.

At home: When I am grocery shopping with my mom we tend to buy too much food. For example if we buy too many vegetables and don’t end up using them all then It ends up being a waste of food and money because vegetables can be expensive.

At school: Before school I usually pack a lunch for the day. Sometimes I don’t end up eating it and I have to throw away the food that isn’t good anymore. To fix this problem I can only pack food I know I will eat, I can only pack a lunch when I know I will eat it. I can also pack food that won’t go bad throughout the day so even I feel I don’t eat the food I can save it in the fridge when I get home from school.