September lab reflection

For this lab reflection I chose to write it on the apple strudel that me and my group made. I chose this lab to do my reflection on because it was really hard and me and my group struggled at first making this but ended up doing a really good job. When I do labs I really like to challenge myself so I like making challenging foods. This food was challenging because I never made an apple strudel before and it was hard to work with the pastry. But I really enjoyed doing this lab because even though it was hard at first it turned out beautiful and really delicious. I’ve always wanted to make some kind of strudel so it was really fun to do this. My group worked really well with each other because we all had a different job to do and we established what we each were going to do before we started the lab. Doing this made us feel more organized and helped us finish the lab in shorter time. If I were to do this lab again I wouldn’t change anything because I think overall we all did a really good job.