Spanakopita reflection

For this reflection I chose to do the spanakopita. I chose this lab because I overall really liked doing it. I really enjoyed making it because it was a challenge for me and my group at first but throughout the lab we got the hang of it and starting moving faster. This lab seemed to be a little bit different because we got to work with pastry. At the end out spanakopitas turned out really well and exactly how I wanted it to be. I think working as a team with my group helped a lot because we got the task done just in time before the block was over. Something that worked for us is we had stations that we each did. For example one of us laid out the pastry, one of us buttered and cut the pastry, and the other two rolled the pastry into triangles and set them on the tray. This worked because it was a lot less stressful and made the job go a lot faster than it was before when we were all just trying to do everything. If I were to do this lab again I would maybe make a plan before starting the lab and making sure everyone had a job and nobody was just sitting around and watching.


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  1. cbrett · January 17, 2018 at 8:19 pm ·

    Very good reflection, Emily! You only forgot your images.