Float your boat

CHALLENGE: Make a boat that can float in water and hold the most amount of pennies.
PROBLEM: How can we make a boat that will be able to hold a lot of pennies before sinking

HYPOTHESIS: (Use an “If…then… because ”statement) If I make the boat as big as possible it will hold more pennies than if it was smaller.
IDEA FOR ORIGINAL DESIGN: Insert image and write a description explaining your thinking/reasoning as to why you chose that particular design

We made tried making out boat as big as possible so it would be able to hold more pennies. We tried making the sides bigger so if it started sinking it would still keep out the water.

112 pennies
WHAT WOULD YOU KEEP OR CHANGE ON YOUR BOAT DESIGN IF YOU WERE TO DO THIS AGAIN? (saying nothing is not an option? This doesn’t look like you do you
I would keep the straws at the bottom but I would try and make the boat longer so it would maybe hold more pennies without sinking.