“Racism” by Maxine Tynes

Why does the colour of our skin define who we are?

In the poem “racism” by Maxine Tynes, Maxine is trying to tell us what racism is like and how it has a big impact on society today “The cell of imprisonment slamming down all of your days on all of you life” I this sentence may symbolizes that racism is like a prism cell that you can’t escape, how there will always be some people in the world that are racist. “We heal to hope. We rise to challenge, we shout the imperative. We stride the future.” This part of the poem represents that there is still hope In a life with no racism. Overall this poem is about her trying to tell us that people’s skin colour doesn’t define who they are.

image This picture is a good representation of the poem “Racism” because It shows that everyone is the same and everyone should treat eachother equally.

Social Justice 101: Racism