Homemade Heaven

My Favourite restaurant is very speedy and really affordable in fact I don’t even have to pay! My house may not be a restaurant but it sure does feel like one when my family gets together and eats a spectacular homemade dinner made by my own Mom. I have a really busy family in fact we are barley ever all together. So when my Mom makes her delicious dinners it makes everyone feel right at home again. When dinners almost ready my mom calls me down to the dinner table and gets me to set up the table so it’s ready for us to eat at. As I’m setting up the table I can smell everything that we are about to eat and I always get even hungrier. From delicious chicken to saucy pasta I’m always exited to see what we are going to have that day. When my whole family sits down at the dinner table I feel happy that my family is back together and grateful that I have such a wonderful family. It’s so fun to listen to everyone talk about there day and see how everyone is and telling jokes and laughing with everyone. My mom makes something new and even better every time and she always makes sure she makes something everybody likes. I love every meal that my mom makes but my all time Favourite is when she makes her mouth watering lasagna. Sometimes she surprises me by making lasagna because she knows it’s my favourite. When my teeth sink into the cheesy, saucy lasagnes it tastes magnificent every time. The first bite is always the best because you just don’t know how’s it’s going to taste exactly because it’s always a little bit different each time. It’s even better when you put parmesan cheese on it because it gives it even more flavour. With a glass table and comfy red chairs my family fits at the dining room table perfectly, but always have extra room for special guests. Overall my all time favourite place to eat is my house because homemade meals are my favourite and it’s the best way to talk and have fun with your family.