Character sketch paragraph

Dave Conroy:
Dave Conroy is a arrogant, stubborn and faithful Man. When he was in the winter wilderness he had challenges that made him become tired even if he knew what the right thing to do was, but he didn’t want to let his pride get in the way of him and what he was feeling. Even when he knew the chances were slim he still thought he could complete his journey without stopping and taking a rest and caring for himself. Dave Conroy made many mistakes in his journey that in the long run caused him to pass away for example, when he didn’t stop to rest by the tree, when he didn’t stop to build a fire, and lastly when he didn’t dry his hands after he fell through the ice. In the story “the mountain journey” when Dave Conroy had his visions and started seeing things when he finally took a rest being to tired to move, the author was using foreshadowing and giving us hint that he wasn’t going to make it in the long run.