Get to know you assignment

Emily West
February 2, 2016
Get To Know You
Camping in Osoyoos
Every year in the summer me and my family go to Osoyoos. We meet our other friends up there. We all stay for about a week. But last year we stayed for two weeks, which was really fun. I never get sick of going. It always feels like a really long road trip especially with my little sister Nicole bugging me every five minutes. I always listen to music the whole ride there. When we arrived at the camp ground. I could smell the quiet Lake, and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. I can see the quiet, peaceful lake across the campground. The first time I stepped on the hot sand It felt like I was home again. With beautiful weather and tons of fun the days passed quickly. But one day everything was different. Everybody was having fun, playing in the water, sun tanning, until we felt something drip on our shoulders. We couldn’t believe it when we saw rain. We looked in the sky. All of a sudden the beautiful, yellow sun was hiding behind a whole bunch of big, dark, scary clouds. When we saw those clouds roll in we knew there was going to be a storm later. Everyone rushed back to the campground. But not me and my friends. Wind was blowing, you could hear the thunder growling as the big waves crashed onto each other. But that wouldn’t stop us from having fun. We ran into the freezing, crazy water. Swimming in the crashing waves and wind that was blowing harder than ever. Everyone thought we where crazy. After the storm was over we went back to the campground and put on warm clothing. But One of my favourite things to do is spend time with my family. That’s what is so good about this trip. I get to spend time with family and friends, I get to try new things and I get to have so much fun.