Expanding Universe lab

In science we did a expanding universe lab. We used a balloon, markers, a piece of thread, and a ruler.

First we blew up a balloon in different sizes and recorded the length between different marked points on the balloon. The controlled mark was M which represented the Milkey way. Which was marked by the stem of the balloon where you tie it. The other 4 points A, B, C, D and E where staggered across the balloon, where A was the closest and E was the furthest from M.

I think the balloon represented the universe because as we blew up the balloon even more each time it was expanding just like how the universe is always expanding. The 4 points A, B, C,D and E represented other solar systems that where moving away, as we where blowing up the balloon.

the difference between this “Expanding universe” lab and the real universe is the balloon is a lot smaller than the real universe.