Sammy the sperm

Once apon a time there was a little sperm named Sammy. Sammy was born at the testes hospital. And was soon brought home to his new house in the epididymis town. Sammy had big plans for himself. Somewhere he’s always wanted to go was ovary island. After 24 hours of living Sammy got bored.  He decided he was going to follow his dreams and travel. So he started to swim away from home. imageHe swam past Vas deferens land, them he passed the amazing bladder Lake, and Finnally got to seminal vesicle park. He had an amazing journey but he wasn’t done yet. He swam and swam until he reached Prostate Gland acid proofing. He really liked it there so he bought a house there and stayed. After a while of living there he decided it wasn’t good enough for him there and he wanted more adventure. So he swam and swam and swam through the urethra seas. Sammy reached vagina landia and really liked it there but it still wasn’t perfect so he kept swimming. Sammy decided he needed a break so he stayed a whole two nights at uterus hotel. After he was done resting he stopped by oviduct diner and had a yummy breakfast. After he was done his breakfast he kept swimming. He was totally pumped when he saw ovary island! He Finnally made it to his destination. He couldn’t believe his eyes. When he saw a beautiful girl named Agnes! He really loved her so he decided to marry her and have a family. Sammy and Agnes lived happily ever after

The End