Mutation Story

I have cri du chat syndrome. I have this mutation because I was born with a piece of chromosome 5 missing. I Remeber being diagnosed with this mutation. I was scared but it ended up not being too horrible. Some of my features are a bit different from other kids. People with cri du chat syndrom sometimes have a small head, unusually round face, a small head, widely set eyes, folds of skin over there eyes, and a small bridge on there nose. ¬†Even though Cri du chat syndrom is really rare, it has effected my life a lot throughout my life. It effects my walking and talking skills. That’s why I go to therapy, to improve my language skills and to help to develope as normal as possible throughout my life.

To write my story I needed to research how this mutation is caused, if it had a cure, what the effects where, and what features where different from other people. The first thing I did was really Learn about the mutation before I wrote the story. Before I used the information I found on different websites I made sure it was a reliable resource, and it had true information on it. It was really cool to learn about something new. I never knew cri du chat syndrom was a rare mutation. And I learned a lot about different mutations.