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When hydroelectric dams are producing energy this is what’s happening. The first step that is happening is, the water passes through the turbines which makes them spin. a turbine is a hydroelectric generator. That converts water to hydroelectric energy. When the turbines spin they are creating hydroelectric power. As the turbines spin so do a series of magnets inside the generator. Giant magnets rotate past copper coils, producing alternating current.

The more water that passes, the more energy is produced. Then the transformer inside the powerhouse takes the voltage and makes it even more powerful. After the water is generated into energy, it is released through the dam and is sent to the power lines for use.

Some of the pros of having hydroelectric dams are: It is renewable because it uses the earths water to produce the energy. it wont become more expensive in the future because we wont have a shortage. we wont run out of rain. It is not contaminating itself, it does not contain any harmful toxics or gases. And it is very reliable.

some cons of having hydroelectric power are: It damages the environment, because of damming the water. It may influence the fish and change the way they migrate. It is expensive to build. Drought, makes it hard for people to get the power they need sometimes. and it might cause floods to houses that are in low lying areas.


Another way of getting power is by Thermal Generation. First the water is heated in a thermal power station. Then the water turns to stream which makes the steam turbines spin then drivesĀ an electric generator. After it passes through the steam turbines, the steam is condensed in a condenser and recycled to where it was heated.

some pros of having thermal generation is: It is the most environment friendly of all renewable energy’s, it doesn’t cause any damage to the environment. No produces of combustion. Significant cost saving, thermal generation involves low running costs over fossil fuels. And no pollution.

Some cons of having thermal generation are: Its very expensive, the costs of building them are very high. Can sometimes be very dangerous to people and machinery.water usage. Drilling into heated rock is very difficult. A lot of care must be taken to manage heat and not overuse it.

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  1. Mr. Robinson · December 7, 2015 at 7:37 pm ·

    This is a good summary of what local power generation looks like in thermal electric and hydro electric plants. I was hoping you might include some transmission information and references into your post.