The app I am reviewing is called: Elements – Periodic table elements quiz  This app is a helpful way of memorizing the different elements. It is a easy way of quizzing yourself, and a quick way of finding the periodic table.


1. Is this app easy to use and understand

2. Is this app helpful?

3. Is this app a bit challenging?

4. Is this app fun to use?

5. What skills does it help you learn?

6. What is the best feature of this app?


1. Yes it is very simple and easy to understand

2. This app is very helpful, it can help you understand many different parts in chemistry

3. It is challenging but not too hard. one thing that makes this app a lot harder is the fact that it has a timer

4. This app is a fun and helpful way of understanding the periodic table

5.This app can help you with many different skills like, memorizing the elements, understanding the periodic table, and learning about each individual element

6. I really like how you can see how many elements you know and how it tests you


  1. isabellet2015 · October 27, 2015 at 9:55 pm ·

    Hey Emily, this post is super organized and easy to read and understand. This app seems very helpful and intriguing but I think maybe adding pictures would make the post more professional.

    • emilyw2015 · October 27, 2015 at 10:05 pm ·

      Thank you Isabelle for the great feedback