Flag Pole Math Lab 2018

Today in math 10 we calculated the height of the flagpole in the front of our school. I started my taking the heigh (from foot to eyes) of my partner Hayley.  Then we had to figure out the distance between Hayley and the flagpole, which was 6m. The last step we did was to figure out […]

Top 5 Things I learned in Math 9

surface area: I found surface area was quite an important unit this year because I think it is important to learn how to calculate the size dimensions and measurements of a shape. https://www.gigacalculator.com/calculators/surface-area-calculator.php I learned how to find the surface area of this prism. What helped me the most was just writing all the combinations with […]

What I have learned about grade 9 similarity

Vocabulary: Obtuse: More than 90 degrees, but less than 180 Right triangle: has one angle that is 90 degrees and a variety of other kinds of Equilateral: means all the sides are the same and add up to 180 degrees, which would make each angle 60 degrees. isosceles: has 2 of the same angles, and […]

Measuring indirectly using similar triangles

I chose to measure the height of my house from my backyard. My height: My height to my eyes is 183cm which is equivalent to 5foot 10. mirror and I: the distance between the mirror and I, was 59cm mirror and house: the distance between the mirror and my house was 200cm Here is a […]

SET BC video project

This is our SET BC project about the salmon population in the Coquitlam river, and how it is rapidly decreasing because of some of our everyday actions. During the course of this project we had to collaborate, and share ideas, by using our knowledge and research that we have found through out the time we […]

Math 9 enlargements and reductions

Here is my original table showing the coordinates of my shape. Next, we were asked to enlarge the shape by 3, Lastly, we were asked to reduce the number by 0.5 based off of our original table. Here is my final desmos shape, (with all of the enlargements, and reductions, I did an extra one, as well […]

What I Have Learned About GR9 Linear Inequalities

Linear Inequalities Solving: what do these signs mean? (≥, ≤, >, <) These signs represent the larger number(s) in the linear inequality, so if there is a 3x<5. this inequality would represent that 5 is larger than the 3x, another example is x≥5 this inequality represents that the x is more than or equal to […]

Linear equations

Question #1   add negative 3x and remove the zero pairs  add -2 and remove the zero pairs  add -1x to each side remove the zero pairs  the next step would be to divide into the x in this case x= 4 question #2   add +5 to each side   remove zero pairs    add +6 to […]