A Point of View: Why short men make better husbands – Blog Log #4


“Height Does Not Matter”

When I first read the title of this article, I was a little shocked and surprised. Why would height have a factor in being a good husband? After reading the article, I can understand some of the points they were trying to get at. The article states: “There is a simple reason short men make stable marriages. It is because short men are desperate. Short men live in a world of taller men and know that any advantage seized is better kept. Desperation makes short men good husbands.” I guess this is comically true since the more desperate men are, the more likely they are to have a successful marriage because they know they cannot mess up a marriage in case no one else wants to marry them. I like how the article was written by a short man so we can see from his perspective. He says, “In other words, we are too short to reach the tops of closets where the heavy house cleaning equipment is kept. No, short men do not make stable marriages because they are desperate to please. It is because they are desperate to prevail.” Interesting thought that men are “desperate to prevail.” Growing up, many of us were taught that the men were the head of the household. I believe that there are some people still believing this and living this way, but I think both partners should share equal parts in every aspect in their relationship. I think that when the article mentions, “This is of course called the Napoleonic complex, but in truth it is not so much that short men become Napoleonic as that Napoleon was typically short – in his ambition, his drive, his uxorious devotion to his wife Josephine, whom he left only because he wanted to leave the French with a male heir. Hers was the last name on his lips, in the last sentences that he uttered, dreaming of that old stability.” It means that men will do anything to feel powerful and sometimes overstep their ego in order to feel less “emasculated” by their height. I liked the reference they made to Napoleon because it was both historical and funny to mention him due rto his height and status. The article goes on to reference rock artists and singers which I did not care for, but it did mention cute little animals in resemblance to short men. “A typical penguin is as full of rage, violence and dignity as a tiger but they resemble our young, and so are pinned as adorable. They are classified as cute, as short men are, too,” is a quote that I understand. There is just something about small things getting mad that gives off a very “cute” and “petite” vibe. In my opinion, I think that shorter men have an advantage to their courage and confidence. Society tells us that “a real man” should be tall and strong, but it is up to the men to do what they want with that information. A comfortable and confident man who appreciates his height and is not threatened by others’ heights is a man who might make his marriage last longer than others’. Finally, I agree that “There is a period in the life of a short man – between his early adolescent unhappiness at being short, and his later awakening to the miracle of having achieved so much despite it – when his own shortness becomes invisible to him,” in this stage, the man becomes more confident in himself, thus making him more attractive to others. His confidence may lead to a more lasting marriage than a short man with no confidence, or a tall man with too much confidence. All in all, I don’t believe that height has a major factor in marriages, only the confident person you marry and yourself are the ones to make a longer lasting marriage work.

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