Shrinky Art – Scale Math Lab

Before I started this inquiry, I predicted that my original image would shrink in size due to the heat and time being in the oven. Once my plastic came out of the oven, my shape curled and began to feel stiff and hard. Before, my plastic was flat, flimsy, and easily bendable. This resulted in […]

How Things Work-Tidal Power

Tidal Power Project What problem is your technology trying to solve? Tidal power is a form of hydropower and a resource to ocean energy in which the tides carry energy that can be produced as electricity. This technology promotes very clean and environmentally friendly energy sources. Tidal power is beneficial for future needs because it […]

Core Competent Canadians

What did you know about the Core Competencies before this activity? What did you learn? Before this activity, I already had a general understanding of critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, social responsibility, personal awareness and responsibility and, positive personal and cultural identity as the Core Competencies discussed in my class. I have also used many […]

Community Connections Assignment

For my community connections assignment, I Interviewed Nicole Lauzon. Nicole is in the marketing industry and does advertisements and sales for the Tri-Cities. Nicole is responsible for understanding and promoting the Yellow Page products and services. Her roles include having first point of contact with customers, to identify and discuss advertising needs with your assigned […]