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Data Visualization Infographic – Asthma

For my Science project, we had to show that we could take data and turn it into a visual piece. This allows us to understand the information given faster and in a more fun environment. I was interested in Asthma as a topic because I have Asthma. I never fully understood what it was though. Now after completing this project I now have a better understanding of Asthma. For this assignment, I decided to do this as a paper diagram because I like working on paper instead of on electronics all day. I also feel that I understand better on paper so doing a paper diagram was a great decision.





Staying Safe at Work

After the multiple presentations and videos on Work Safe BC I have learned many ways things can go wrong at work and how to prevent it. The first thing that I will do at work to prevent any accidents is I will always ask for help If I’m not sure how to do something and I didn’t get the training for it. The second thing I will do is to always refuse work that I think is unsafe so that I don’t cause any injuries to myself or to my co-workers around me. The third thing that I will do is to only work when I feel fully capable to complete the tasks that are asked of me. For example, if I’m feeling tired then I should only do work that is entirely safe for me to do at this state of I will not go to work at all to stay and keep everyone safe.

To keep others safe I’m going to speak up and tell them when I see something they are doing is unsafe. This would prevent many workplace accidents because I have learned that many people think what they are doing is safe when really it is unsafe. The second thing I will do is encourage everyone including myself to report injuries. This will help to help our workplace insured and allows us to be covered in case the injury gets worse and we have to skip work.

After all of the presentations, the one that stood out to me was the girl who lost three of her fingers. This stood out to me because she said that what she was doing didn’t seem unsafe to her. She believed it was just a normal day and that nothing would be different. She also didn’t have anyone to come and help her after she was injured. She had to strive for herself and turn off the power switch herself which is very impressive because she was in pain through all of this. She was also the youngest out of all of the students at only 16 years old this happened to her. Even if it wasn’t the most extreme injury it still really stood out to me.

After all of the presentations, I have really learned a lot to help keep me and others safe at work so that what happened to all of the people in the videos and presentations don’t happen to me and my co-workers.

Desmos Art Functions Portrait Sem 1 2018

How did you figure out what equations to use?

I started off this project in class with no idea how to start. I began but guessing numbers and making things up before I got the hang of it. Then once I had more practice I started to get more creative. For example, I started using shapes like circles and turning them into things like eyelashes. Mostly to figure out which equation to use I had to guess and try a whole bunch before I found the right one that I could manipulate to do what I wanted.

Did you have any challenges?

Throughout this process, I had a few challenges. The first one was figuring out how I was actually going to create each part of my face. Like how I was going to make my face oval and now perfectly round. This took a bit of time and eventually I got the hang of it but wasn’t easy at the beginning. The second challenge that I had was trying to get what I wanted to be the right size and position without messing up the rest of what I was doing. For example when I was trying to do the eyebrows trying to get them to line up perfectly and still be at the right angle was challenging. After completing most of it I sort of took less time.

Any aha moments?

My biggest aha moment was when I was trying to figure out a way to do my eyelashes and I couldn’t figure out how to make them all curl evenly. I didn’t want each of my eyelashes to be lines or to look odd so I used circles and just moved them over a little each time. This took me a while so when I finally discovered this method it was a big relief.

Did you get help?

I had a little help working with others at school. This helped me to get an idea of how to create simple formulas to create things like circles and lines but mostly I did it at home by myself. At home it was harder to come up with new ideas and ways to create the different shapes because my sister is younger and my parents were busy but I was still fine figuring it out on my own. My sister did help me creatively when I was trying to come up with ideas to make my portrait unique my sister had the idea to put a beauty mark under my eyebrow which matches the one the I have now.

Did you use any strategies?

I didn’t use and strategies to create the actual formulas but one thing that I did discover was that if you flip the negative and positive signs is different ways along with the greater than and less than signs you can make a copy of your line go onto the other side of your face. For example, the eyeballs took me some time to line them out so when I found out that if I just flip the signs it will copy them onto the other side I was very relieved. This made my face symmetrical and easier to complete along with not making me have to retry all of the different steps.

What did this assignment help you to understand about functions, relations, and their graphs?

This entire assignment taught me a lot about how the slightest change makes a difference. When I was trying to make my portrait look a certain way or be at a certain angle I had to change the coefficient and I realized that the slightest number change in decimal numbers can really affect how your line would turn out.

Post-Secondary Event Reflection

I’m most interested in Trinity Western University because they have a program that gives me work experience and I am going to allowed to work on athletes. during the process of getting my bachelors degree and they have a dance club that I could be a part of. Also, the University of British Columbia because it has a Kinesiology program that is close by and would allow me to get my masters degree of physiotherapy. Lastly, Memorial University has a kinesiology program that I would be able to take right out of high school. I would want to go to Trinity Western University to get my bachelors degree of human kinetics because there I get work experience on site, they have a dance club, and they are one of the only programs that allow me to work on athletes. It’s beneficial to see all of these options so that I can start thinking ahead and planning so it’s not as overwhelming when grade 12 year comes around. My favourite part was seeing that all of the universityies and colleges also offer clubs and stuff that you can join. I am interested becasue they you can do an activity that’s fun and you don’t have to focus as intensely on your studies.

Foods 11- September Reflection

In Foods 11 I have learned many new skills and techniques that I didn’t know before. In this class for the first month, we mostly focused on flour mixture. We have made and learned about the different methods to make flour mixtures and made an example for each. We used the muffin method to make carrot muffins, the biscuit method to make apple strudels, the foam cake method to make angel food cake, the conventional cake method to make ponderosa cupcakes, and the choux method to make cream puffs. Each of these methods was specific to each of the recipes or types of recipes we made. For example, we can’t use the muffin method to make apple strudels because then the entire recipe would be off. Out of all of the recipes, my favourite to bake was the cream puffs. This was because I use to buy them in stores in a container because I thought it would be too hard and complicated to make them myself. But after learning how to in this class I now realized that it is actually very simple and I plan to make some at home at some point. Throughout this first month of Foods 11, I have learned a lot and plan to use my newfound knowledge at home to make delicious food items for me, my friends and family.

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