Emily BK’s Goals

Before I die, I will complete everything on my bucket list. I will accomplish this goal by creating a bank account to put 10% of my earnings into every month. By doing this I know I will have some money for whatever I need to finish my bucket list. My dad will support me and […]

Collaboration Fluency

  We did an experiment on the charges of different material in our science 9 class. Group memebers; Talia, Lucy, Anastasia, Emily BK Execute: Spoon Garbage Bag No reaction Straw Garbage Bag piffball accepts straw Lucite Garbage Bag No reaction Copper Garbage Bag No reaction Aluminum Garbage Bag No reaction Ebonite Garbage Bag piffball accepts […]

Solution fluency

In my science 9 honors class with Mr. Horton, we did a pill experiment to see what pill was the most efficient. Mr. Robinson came in and talked to our class about solution fluency and the categories it breaks up into. Define The challenges that I faced is working in a group and getting everyone […]