The Psychology Behind Raving

This article about raves is very interesting to me because it said everything that I couldn’t have said better.

It talks about the psychological reason why people love to rave. It interested me a lot because I wanted to find out why I love to rave. I’ve only been to three raves but the moment I came home from the first rave I was in love. The type of people and the environment you are in is something you can’t explain. This is what the article talks about. A rave is a moment where someone can escape the reality of their life outside of the party. This is why humans love to rave because it gives them a weekend of pure happiness where they don’t have to worry about anything. One might say it’s the same as a concert but it is such a one of a kind experience that lasts a whole weekend usually. The article talks about how inclusive raves are and I couldn’t agree more. Everyone is your friend when you walk in, no one is judging you. I think that is a reason people love this experience. The style of writing the author Noah Little used is a very insightful approach. He is trying to convince his audience of something. I do like the style he used because I found myself agreeing with a lot of the things that were being said. I made a lot of connections with this article because it explained so much about raving to where I could understand it better myself. If you are a person that wishes to go to a rave you are one person that represents millions of other kind, non-judgemental, outgoing, fun people. Why wouldn’t you want to be apart of the phenomenon?

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