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Spiral Galaxy

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Information fluency reflection:

  1. I had to research what kind of galaxies there are, if there is a similar one to ours, if we could travel outside of the milky way, and if there are any planets other than our own that we could adapt to.
  2. I used a familiar tool a lot by making sure I used reliable sources and websites for my research.
  3. I used the process of elimination by researching something and if that wasn’t the solution then that thought would be eliminated and I would go to another idea.
  4. I verified the information I found by making sure it was a legit website like NASA or and I cited my things using an MLA format on Bibme.
  5. The process of completing this challenge went well I had the weekend to write it and wrote a paragraph a day so I could find further research and change anything I had to.

4 thoughts on “Astronomy Wonder Project

  1. I found it very interesting how you described that there are different habitable planets that are out there as our back up. You made it seem like our planet is doomed due to how unresponsible we are and that we should find a way to get there before this planet ends which showed me that we have to replace our planet just to ruin the next one. With a distance that large, do you ever think that we could reach a place so far that we can’t even detect? It would be great if you could maybe include a picture of this planet or galaxy if you could find one!

  2. The answer was well thought out and your information was clear and easy to understand. Great job Emily!

  3. this is a 10/10 stunning project. This really helped open up my eyes to the world of astronomy. I love how it goes into extensive detail too. AMAZING. The picture of the Spiral Galaxy is just another plus as well as the video insertion. I would give this project a big A+.

  4. I think it’s really interesting to think about being able to maybe travel to other galaxies one day, even if it’s no time soon. I think your project was really well thought out and researched and I really liked it. Great job Emily. It’s a sham we won’t be leaving the galaxy anytime soon though.

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