Reflection on History

First off, I don’t think learning about history is needed. I think that history should be a choice as it is in grade 11 and later on. It can be interesting but also boring in my perspective. While we have been talking about women’s rights it shocked me that women weren’t allowed to vote in Canada until 1918. The first female Senate was in 1930 which wasn’t that long ago. I think that once women started to speak up and not let men always do the talking that when things started to change. I think that all the political cartoons about how society sees women are not always true. Nowadays we haven’t been discriminating them as much as the past but there are still a lot of stereotypes surrounding women today.

One thought on “Reflection on History

  1. All I can say is keep an open mind. If you tell yourself it’s boring, it’ll be boring. There are a lot of lessons that history can show us. Even with women’s history, it shows us that it’s a long process and hopefully you can see that the movement isn’t over, we’re still in the middle of the progress. That’s why I asked you all to think about what’s next. I was also hoping the class would see that as politics changes, societal thinking doesn’t necessarily change along with it, often there is a lag in society to start really changing to meet the ideals of laws.

    I hope you can keep an open mind. Historical information won’t hurt you. Not everything necessary in life is always interesting, like doing your taxes!

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