Post-Secondary Event Reflection

The 3 institutions that interested me the most were Guelph University because they have a psychology department which a lot of universities I talked to didn’t. Queens University because they have a good medical program, and the University of Toronto because they are the best school in Canada. If I were to apply to a school today I would apply to the University of Toronto because they have a good neuroscience program and they also have a psychology department. I would take their psychology program there first and then go into their neuroscience program. The benefit to seeing so many universities before I finish high school is that you get to see what is out there. The fact that you get to talk to the people that work at the universities without even going there is good because they can answer any questions you might not be able to find so easily online. My favorite part about seeing the different options is finding out all the different averages you need to get into that school. One medicine program at a school might need a 76-86% average while a medicine program at a different school would need a low to high 90% average.

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