One thought on “Socials Discussion – Overpopulation

  1. Emily, I like how you led the discussion and tried to keep it going. But for the whole group, it doesn’t appear that you’ve done any research into any of this. For PoCo and BC’s populations, I’ve provided links for you to look at to actually find out how fast the two are growing.
    There was no response to the second question about what else we need to determine if overpopulation exists. This needs a little bit of thought or research into the definition of overpopulation.
    Also missing was any research about what others say about overpopulation. All you had to do was a quick Google search to find one source. There are tons.
    There are tons of websites talking about the One Child Policy and no one mentioned any details about it.
    Also, no mention of the Demographic Transition Model.

    I would like you guys to actually do some of the research and redo this video. Remember that I’m here to help you learn but if you didn’t put any effort into trying to learn things, I can’t guide you.

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