Emily BK’s Goals

Before I die, I will complete everything on my bucket list. I will accomplish this goal by creating a bank account to put 10% of my earnings into every month. By doing this I know I will have some money for whatever I need to finish my bucket list. My dad will support me and help me accomplish my goal. If anything goes wrong I will re-think my plan and always have a backup plan if anything goes wrong.

By the next report card, I will make sure that the B’s I had last semester turn into A’s. I will achieve this by making sure I do my homework and study before I go out or do anything with my friends. I will make sure I give time to study before a test so that I can go through everything without being rushed. My parents will support me and encourage me to do my homework before hanging out with friends. My teachers will help me understand anything I don’t know. If I have work and other family things I know that are going to come up before a test or big project I will make sure I make a plan to study before a busy week.

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