Collaboration Fluency


We did an experiment on the charges of different material in our science 9 class.

Group memebers; Talia, Lucy, Anastasia, Emily BK


Spoon Garbage Bag No reaction
Straw Garbage Bag piffball accepts straw
Lucite Garbage Bag No reaction
Copper Garbage Bag No reaction
Aluminum Garbage Bag No reaction
Ebonite Garbage Bag piffball accepts ebonite


Spoon Fur piffball accepts spoon (0.83)
Straw Fur piffbal rejects straw (0.70)
Lucite Fur piffball attracts Lucite (slower)
Copper Fur No reaction
Aluminum Fur No reaction
Ebonite Fur piffball attracted ebonite (slow)


Spoon Silk piffball rejects spoon (0.84)
Straw Silk piffball rejects straw
Lucite Silk piffball attracted to Lucite
Copper Silk No reaction
Aluminum Silk No reaction
Ebonite Silk piffball rejects ebonite


Spoon Cotton piffball accept spoon (1.04)
Straw Cotton piffball accepts straw
Lucite Cotton piffball attracted to Lucite
Copper Cotton No reaction
Aluminum Cotton No reaction
Ebonite Cotton piffball rejects ebonite


Spoon Polyester No reaction
Straw Polyester piffball accepts straw
Lucite Polyester No reaction
Copper Polyester No reaction
Aluminum Polyester No reaction
Ebonite Polyester piffball rejects ebonite


Spoon Wool No reaction
Straw Wool piffball accepts straw
Lucite Wool piffball attracted to Lucite
Copper Wool No reaction
Aluminum Wool No reaction
Ebonite Wool piffball accepts ebonite



We figured that the fur worked the best for each material. It had the quickest reaction with the spoon. When we rubbed the fur against the spoon the fur was giving the spoon electrons. The spoon now had a negative charge. When we put the spoon against the piffball it was attracted to the spoon. Because the spoon had electrons that the ball didn’t have so the ball took the electrons. When you take the spoon away and put it near the ball, the ball rejects the spoon. Because the ball now has the same amount of electrons from the spoon. So they are not attracted because they have like electrons.


We chose the spoon and fur and lucite and fur for the race.

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  1. You have included some great information in your post. I appreciate the table of results you added. You didn’t need to include the collaboration plan. You needed to examine the collaboration though. Pictures would help get your message across. Good work, though.

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