Solution fluency

In my science 9 honors class with Mr. Horton, we did a pill experiment to see what pill was the most efficient. Mr. Robinson came in and talked to our class about solution fluency and the categories it breaks up into.


The challenges that I faced is working in a group and getting everyone in line and everyone to follow instructions. Other than that everything went smoothly.


We asked what pill dissolved the fastest in a stomach like solution and what was the slowest.  The aspirin was the fastest and the Advil was the slowest. But why? We concluded that the Advil took longer because of the slippery covering it has. And the aspirin was faster because it was just its pure formula, nothing covering it.


These photos were taken after 15 minutes of dissolving in the stomach like solution.

We used a Hydrochloric acid that is the same acid in our stomach and baking soda to balance the Ph levels. We heated the water to 37 degrees so we could get the exact temperature of the stomach to get accurate results. We left the pill in each test tube for three minutes then tapped the tube three times to mimic the moving motion of the stomach.

Aspirin dissolved the most                     Advil dissolved the least





I learned a lot from this experiment and we made a theory that the Advil gels are only “faster” because it has the slippery like coating that makes it go through your esophagus faster. That is something that we could investigate and test next time.

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