Egg recipes

Here are three egg recipes that I have chosen for Foods.

Cloud eggs

French omelette

French Toast

I will be making the French Omelet because it is quick to make and it has ingredients I like in it like, ham, eggs, and cheese. Also, I’ve never tried an omelet.

The first step was to beat the water, eggs, salt, and pepper.

Then I put the mixture into the pan.

After a little bit, I put the ham and cheese into the middle.

Then I flipped the omelet and served it.

My omelet didn’t turn out how I expected. There was a small crack on the side and it was a little burnt but it didn’t taste burnt. It tasted really good the cheese was melted and it was really nice. I would change the heat and make it lower right away. I tried to flip the egg in half and I think that’s what made the crack.

Here is my nutrient web.









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