My supernatural Riverside video.

DEFINE: This is my supernatural riverside video.  in this project we were faced with multiple challenges with group members not participating and making a time for us to write the script together and going out to take more pictures.

DREAM:To fix these problems me and one other group member just got together and got it done.  This member wrote the entire script and I made the entire video. we talked to our teacher about the group member and there wasn’t much else to do about it.

DISCOVER: To make an amazing video we first made a story board. We knew exactly what we needed and we knew almost exactly what we wanted to do. We used what he had as things we could use to film. We used a camera from our photo class and the go pro from setbc.

EXAMINE: I am proud of myself for getting this video done with the challenges we faced with the group member and the video in the end turned out very good.

My video is linked above.

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