When I have around the dark, I felt like someone near with me. I don’t really believe the ghost, but I felt like that. Also, I can’t see anything in the dark, so it made feel anxiety. The dark made look around and can’t sleep when I lay down on the bed. I tried to sleep early, so I don’t have to care the dark.

Human condition

How do stereotypes affect people?

The novel, “The Chrysalids” by John Wyndlham start after a nuclear war where lands are contaminated and too hazardous for people, animals and plants to live on. Most of lands are polluted except one land, Waknuk. The protagonist is David Strom who lives in Waknuk and has special telepathic abilities. David is not the only one who can use telepathy. Some children can share their thoughts using telepathy inside their head. Because of the radiation from the nuclear war, people are left disfigured. For example, some people have six toes and an extra arm. People are afraid of tribulation because it is a symbol of nuclear war, so they discriminate the people who are affected by tribulation. People want to eliminate all of symbols of the war. People who are affected by tribulation are banished to the contaminated land called Fringe. David and his friends know about this, so they try to escape to Waknuk. If other people know about their abilities, they would banish them. People who had tribulation felt anger or fear because they lost their human right and life as normal people. Humans can have prejudice, so we need acknowledge difference and break prejudice. This novel shows that stereotypes can menace people’s life.

Why I think Marijuana should not legal

I don’t support marijuana which is legalized. There are a lot of reasons to explain it, so I want to talk about the reasons. First, marijuana can be make cancer. In 2005, a systematic review in the international Journal of cancer pooled the results of six case-control studies. No association was found between smoking marijuana and lung cancer. Second, it can be effect pregnancy. If babies born to women who smoke pot during pregnancy are more likely to be underweight, delivered premature and admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit. However there were no links seen for changes in birth length, head circumference or congenital malformations. Third, it also can be memory and concentration. Many studies, that learning, memory and attention can be impaired.

My Health Goals

1. I can try to do exercise everyday when I have time to do exercise at home or outside. 

2. I will try to improve score, so I don’t have to stress or worry about the score. 

3. I will read book when I get stress or not feeling good. When I reading book, it makes me relax.