My Health Goals

1. I can try to do exercise everyday when I have time to do exercise at home or outside. 

2. I will try to improve score, so I don’t have to stress or worry about the score. 

3. I will read book when I get stress or not feeling good. When I reading book, it makes me relax. 

Darwin’s Theory of evolution

How did the discovery of DNA prove that Darwin’s theory of evolution was correct and how does it change the way we view evolution today and into the future? 

The discovery of DNA prove that Darwin’s theory of evolution was correct because DNA doesn’t stay same. He was investigation finches, tortoise that were organisms. During the investigation, he realized the species change. Also, he saw the pattern in nature that was survival of fittest. If organism have fitness feature, they can survival an environment. When he saw the finches have different beaks, he knew about variation that was start of change in nature. For example, he could see his own family. He looked different his brother even they have same parents, and his children looked like him, but they looked different each other.

The over many generations, tiny variations allow the fit to get fitter and the unfit to vanish by Naturel Selection. For example, if you live in extreme cold, the environment selects who will live and who will die. If you know about Mutation well, you can understand correctly about Naturel Selection. Mutation is big part of the Naturel Selection. If mutation disappear, everything would stay the same because they were responsible for evolutionary change. For example, pocket mouse lived in the dark rocks, so their fur colour changed similar because rock colour was change because of Volcano. This can be connected the Adaptation.  Also, Mutation can half as DNA copies cells when our DNA divide and body develop. This also connected their offspring.

It changed the way Evidence or proof about the evolution, so people could allow the Darwin’s Theory. Then people could understand easy with the evidence of evolution. In the future, we can find new organisms an Earth, so we can compare the original organisms through the Darwin’s Theory.